Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bags from Guatemala

There are few treasures greater than those from the world market (and I'm not talking about the store we have yet to get in Oklahoma City). From as early as I could remember my dad traveled overseas and would always bring us back things from the country he was in. When I was a junior in high school I finally got to step out of this blessed country myself.
 I learned real fast my life wasn't so hard here in America!

I have since been to
Jamaica and Nepal (stopping in India & Belgium).

Cody has been to Mexico, Jamaica, Philippines & this week to Guatemala.
 (with stops in Japan & Hong Kong)

We are thankful each trip has been to visit other believers in the Kingdom of God.

Mr. Incredible brought his girls these skirts...

They are 5 ft. long with a drawstring, the perfect spinny dress, and so thick we'll never outwear them.

the drawsting was also 5 ft. long and doesn't snap, button or tie- you wrap it around their waists like 4 times and secure.

I had a feeling it would unravel on Charis as active as she is and the poor Sunday school teacher wouldn't know how to reassemble it. Once it's undone there is no keeping it up, it's a one size fits all thing and it's massively big.

This is how she looked after church-

she was using the top "pouch" to put her hands in and store things.

Among other things he brought us this bag...

which held this...

To help support the economy of the Pocomchi People in Guatemala Cody brought back a lot of these. So......

I'd like to give one away to YOU!

So to enter this first ever contest simply comment below in the comment section...
(you can also comment on facebook if you can' figure the comment section below, both are legit)

Have you been out of the country? Yes? No? If so where have you been or would want to go?

Other bags...

Cute small bag

This was right up my ally, my nativity scene came in this. I'll share that at Christmas.

Totally made out of tape and newspaper. Complete with a handles...

Here's the side, not sure how to construct it but will post that if anyone is interested in it!

Use what you have.

That's my motto!

Don't forget to comment....

I have a tea date with those cute girls at the top of the post.


Dana Lohrer said...

I LOVED the girls skirts this morning!!!

I have traveled to New Zealand in 1998. It was to play basketball.

I really want to go to Haiti and Ethiopia.

Shannon Truax said...

Love reading your blogs, hopefully I'll find patience to work on mine. I've been to Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Hoping more international travels are in my future!