Sunday, November 6, 2011

How we spent Orphan Sunday

Nov. 6  is  orphan Sunday.

This day has been anticipated by our church for several weeks. With our pastor overseas doing ministry work we asked to have the whole service.

I regret not having pictures from the day- it was amazing- you just would've had to have been there to know. But here's what we did...

We had everyone wear t-shirts to church supporting the organizations we support. That was cool. Then we had...

Focus on the International Orphan Crisis-
Skyped in Pastor Bishwa in Nepal and the 9 orphans he has taken in.
Heard testimony of a former member of the community who's internationally adopting from Ghana.
Prayed over her & for the international orphans.

Focus on the United States Orphan Crisis-
5 family who've adopted discussion panel
Our most recent adopted kid she did here back in June at our children's camp.

Let me rephrase this....She lead in worship! And there is a difference.
We had a new couple to our faith family speak about Abba's Hands- a local ministry to adoptive and foster families , the kids themselves and government employees.
We had an invitation and rejoice with a teen's recent decision to be adopted into God's family!
Our Choir sang , "Orphans of God"
We took buckets home to start collecting money for orphans around the world.

Then we came home and ate this....

I can't tell you what it is actually, it came in a packet, but it resembles what many orphans around the world eat all the time. It wasn't very tasty. Silas wouldn't touch it. And I am proud I didn't give in, he's 11 and can miss a meal in remembrance of so many who don't have the choice to miss a meal.

Then while Charis and I rest the older kids played with their favorite rescued kids...all 3 adopted!

Yeah, God is good.

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