Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to pack for a new adventure....

Today I am taking a new adventure.

This feminine heart loves adventure, though the enemy taunts with fear I can not deny my heart beats a little faster with the thought of uncharted territory.

So here's my bag....

My oldest friend and I will take that journal above and her journals and venture back to a season of our lives. A season of intense loss and grief and God's sufficient grace.

We will take the laptop and record the journey for you and future generations and for God to use however he wants.

The tissues are for the journey, cause any good story involves tears.

"In the realms of the divine none of our stories are ours- they are all HIS - laced with redemption and love and sorrow and Hope, this is HIS story and HIS glory revealed"  Opening Line

So I as you finish reading this will you pray for us? That God's glory would be revealed? That  he would give us his mind as we write this weekend? Thank you, you are the best!

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