Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chocolate Goodness

Oh the decadence. 

White chocolate covered Oreo dipped in my morning java. 

It was a good afternoon treat!

I get lonely in self employment. I needed motivation.

To do lists just weren't cutting it. 

I should be on a plane to Israel today with my father and these two...


I will pour over 1 Chronicles (in pursuit of finishing the Bible by the end of the year!!) and conjure up places in my mind that I won't be seeing with my family in the next 10 days.

In honor of dad I am posting my favorite dessert memory of him...

Dad has always loved sweets. 
I remember him fixing this often in a coffee cup. 
When Wendy's came out with the frosty it was very similar but this version has a ice milk crunch that is distinct and oh so nostalgic to me :)

Start with a cup, not a bowl, this is very essential. 
Any ceramic coffee cup will do, or a plastic pooh cup? 

You need some plain chocolate ice cream. 
Scoop it up, as much as you need or keep it moderate...

then pour milk over the ice cream, I don't measure it but if I was guessing I'd say about 1/4 cup.
Obviously the more milk the thinner it'll be, the less milk the thicker your treat will be. 
And whole milk would be more rich but this is what we had.

You can stir it immediately. It will resemble this texture and is oh so delicious. Something magical happens when the milk hits the cold ice cream and little ice crystals form. So simple yet so good.

Please disregard that it's currently 32 degrees in Oklahoma, things this good should not wait for summer. You could always imagine you were in Florida or Hawaii like I am gonna imagine I'm touring Israel or you could dip Oreos in coffee. 

Happy Wednesday!

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