Monday, December 12, 2011

Gonna be a Pinteresting Christmas...

If you have yet to visit you must at once go....if you are female.

Do not go if you are male, people will make fun of you...

A week ago I decided I wanted to try and search for ornaments for my students that are performing their first recital this season, I had several.

I found something online  but wanted to use their pictures so I opted for these and LOVE them...wanted to share, since I destroyed the house trying to make them....

They come from this original site and I made them fit my need. And of course I found the website on pinterest :)

I took their music and scanned it and made it itty bitty!! So they'll know what they performed that year!

Played around with some different colors and papers , so many options but I mainly used what I had.

Those that had their first recital I added that on there (silver sharpie) and the year.

Lovin my students,
the totegirl

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