Friday, December 16, 2011

The big red box...another idea for Christmas

Last year this big red box held a puppy.

And we know what that led too....

Yes he succeeded, it's completely gone, the net that is.

Well this year I am loading the same box up with a family night activities...

I'll bring it out Christmas Day and tell them it'll sit in the living room.

The kids are always wanting to have family night and we usually end up playing a game or watching tv, (boring....)

So I put together so family night ideas.

I'm out of time so I must make this quick ( I'll add links later)  but totally take the idea and revamp it to fit your family!

1. Science night- chemicals galore...directions off the internet, we are doing a mountain dew glow in the dark experiment, coal crystals and slime.

2. Art Night- 64 crayolas, a white canvas and add the hair dryer...this'll be cool looking

3. A new lego game.

4. Popcorn and a new movie

5. A new lego book with all kinds of ideas with regular blocks

6. A box of brownie mix to make and then take to a shut in in our community

7. A gift card for Cherry Berry (a late night totally unprepared for run to Duncan w/o going to Walmart with conversation along the way)

8. The new spot it game.

9. And my favorite- my grandfather's book of poetry for a poetry reading, I do think we'll add props and have to learn a little about him before we do the reading...

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