Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Band Concert

My son. 

The one who made me a momma. 

Oh how I love this kid. 

I love when I say, "Let's take pictures" he shows up with a koolaid mustache and says, 
"What's wrong with that?"

I love it when he says, "Come take a picture of this..."

It means something has been formed in creative hours spent with legos. 

I love his enthusiasm for life.

I love that his daddy is teaching him to be a good man.

To be a Christ follower.

To be honest and hardworking.

What we haven't had to teach him is this....

He's in white on the left...

keep watching...

sorry Ms. Pruitt....

He was so excited about this concert!

And we never had to teach him that he should wave when the spotlight comes on him...

I love how they all look to the conductor...

Reminds me to look intently at THE CONDUCTOR of all of life for the rhythm to which I should live.

YWHW, the breathe of life.

Breathed into this instrument of flesh each day.

May all our songs of advent bring HIM praise!

I want a life that makes music — not just practices the piano.

-Ann Voskamp

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Shannon said...

That's great and looks like he enjoys it! Lucas has really been wanting to learn to play drums for two years now so he said when he gets to 6th grade he wants to do band. I don't know how he can practice without a set of home but I'm sure there's a way.