Friday, February 26, 2010

Lunch with Cady

In the last year I've begun working more...unfortunately. I love teaching, don't mind working, it's the more part that's hard- just more time away from family that's all.

I wish children were born with money so they could pay up for all the meals, diapers and laundry. This would help greatly. Oo, what an idea? Maybe God just designed it so they pay in better ways like kisses and hugs and cute expressions. You know like that "can I pay you in GUM?" commercial....where the electrician is sad cause no one pays him in gum. (side note I tried the gum and it is good but I know of no teenager alive that would go for this, pls send them my way if you do) And you know it's a farce when they put an electrician up there to say that- I am still trying to find out why they aren't all leaving in mansions since our remodel last year.

So where was I.... working...yes, God has been good to provide work. But it takes me away from my big kids in school so today I took Cady to eat lunch. Actually she earned the privilege- 4 100's on spelling tests and we take them to lunch. Celebrate the little things. Cady's an ace on spelling, Silas has really struggled this year on his- he mumbled something about too many kids in a class and cursive writing but I don't know....

So the totegirl went to lunch- I was actually avoiding some other volunteer work. I wish Charis could've taken a picture of me, I had 4 totes around my neck when we came home. It wasn't attractive...

Well we got pizza from E&S. Rural Oklahoman's understand this getting lunch at the convenience store thing. I'd rather fix my own lunch at home but this is supposed to be a treat and going to the convenience store is the treat around here. We have 4 convenience stores, 1 diner and 1 nice restaurant in this town- if you call BBQ nice. But ppl drive from all over to go to it so I call it a nice restaurant.

It was nasty outside so we sat in the car, then she wanted to go back and show off her treat to the other sad 2nd graders eating school lunches.

So I thought I'll eat with her.

A germaphobic I am not, but the cafeteria kinda crept me out.

They looked like they are having fun but the girl in the middle there told me not to touch the tables- she knew about the creepy germs too.

So while Charis was eating a milkshake I chatted with the girls all around us. Turns out they have cute lunch bags!!! Leave it to me...

This one was really cool with shoulder handles- the owner assured me you got them at Walmart but I don't know- looked too designer for Walmart, but hey maybe they had cool stuff back before school started. Her sister walked by later with a polka dotted one.

By then Charis' chin was sticking to her neck so we went to the bath room. Great more germs. And I couldn't turn the water faucet off in the bathroom. Which only made me wonder how the 4 year olds do it...I don't want to think about the other options.

I will picking my kids up more often, I'd take them all out to lunch if they'd let me. 2nd grade lunch was retro and fun until the teacher made us all close our mouths and eat in silence. This was difficult for me. No wonder Ms. teacher had to approach me in the hall about how her excessive talking is disruptive. Maybe she is a little like me.

Was I ever a teacher? This all seems foreign to me. I have been home 10 years now, yikes -10 years since I taught public school. Maybe they'll invent a cure for dirty kids by the time I go back.


Debbie said...

lol - now you know why your nephew has had 9 viruses this year! =)

Anonymous said...

I love what you said about the germs! I have such a hard time going into Ryan's school, but I am a total germaphobe. Mostly of other peoples germs not my family. In Ryan's school they are not allowed to talk during lunch either. It's crazy! When I was in school that was my big social time. Wow things have really changed. I think I am getting old! Thank you for sharing your life. I love reading about it. You have a great way of telling what happens.

Anonymous said...

Love this! Kali can hardly go in there to eat, she has a thing about smells and germs. I love reading your stories they are great!