Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Cream Tutuorial (PW style)

So we've been blessed (or cursed) by having a unusually active & cold winter. I've made this recipe since I was a kid, (I'll find that picture and post later) But I know much of the reading area is getting enough snow today to make this so I wanted to post asap- and my old friends back east are under much snow - so make the best of it....

if you aren't so blessed to have snow today- you could try an ice shaver? snow cone maker? or come for a visit- I have a spare room!

Snow cream requires this, make sure you get it from a clean surface and check for dirt. Dirt ruins good snow cream. I know, we've done it. Kids love making this stuff. My 2 year is asking for it as I I'll continue

must have these ingredients. Now I just happen to have whipping cream or heavy cream but I usually use milk, the fattier the better (whole milk)

you'll need vanilla extract and sugar

and the amounts vary depending on how much you are making, how much snow you've been blessed with or how much clean snow you've been able to gather

Because time is very important due to the melting of the snow you need to gather the ingredients before hand and be ready to go as soon as you bring the snow in and if you have to stop for some reason just put the snow in the freezer- it'll be ok.

So add the sugar first, it'll look grainy. I think we used less than 1/4 cup for this batch

then add the milk or if your lucky and have cream of some sort add that...cream will make it creamier and if you freeze it, it'll be more ice cream like...hince the word CREAM :)

If I were really "together" I would have a picture here of pouring in a dash or two of the vanilla but somehow that picture is missing in cyberspace so imagine the picture, add the cream and let's go on ....

It will look like this at first but keep stirring, it's important that it doesn't look creamy yet, don't make the mistake of adding too much milk too soon. The snow will melt and work into a nice creamy looking dessert...remember you can always add more milk , you can't take it away...there's more to that life lesson...but I'll save it for another post

This is where a picture comes in handy, stir till it looks like this....

Freeze or eat immediately...we love the new pinch bowls I got recently so we served it up in those. We have also been known to eat it straight out of the bowl, everyone grab a spoon style

The kids don't care and they really don't care if you get it right or not so keep trying...if at first you don't get it right, I promise they'll keep eating it and they'll remember doing this 20 years from now- it's what childhood's all about...and again if you don't have snow I apologize- but you probably aren't even reading this if you don't your probably sun tanning or something...We'll be there in about 5 months! and we'll be wishing we had some cold arctic blasts

This is my nephew nathan, he was really blessed to have snow on his birthday this year, and due to loss of power at his house he was with me on that birthday and I made him snow cream- it's what a aunt's for you know-


Amanda Emery said...

I'm reading your stuff! And if we had snow here, I'd be making this too! :)

Angela said...

Believe it or not we actually have snow in Louisiana right now. I don't think there is enough to collect for this though. Looks yummy!