Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The boy

I guess one day he will become a man. But he'll always be "the boy" , our one and only boy.

He loves cereal. 

He's well on his way, following in Mr. Incredible's footsteps.

First he likes wood.
Second he's got skills. 

His carving.

& He likes to shoot...

In preparing for his air soft gun war 11th birthday party he invited me to "the trails". To his hang out. 

I had never felt so honored. 

The trail to the fort....

The fort...

the toilet

Then we got ambushed and I was sent home

There's a camo kid in there I promise, right in the middle. 

He and Charis can not agree on music in the car anymore. 

He wears a cup. 

He rides himself to church nearly every week. 

He builds his own lego sets now...

And one day he'll become a man

but he'll always be "the boy"

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