Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mr. INcredible, The Boy, The Boys & The Men

Mr. Incredible was gone last week but he brought me back something!!! Which requires another post...but it was a totebag!

The Boy turned 11 this week.

I have been sappy and sentimental. I love being a momma.

The Boys, as we've come to call them, are a bunch of high school boys who really want to know God's word and come to be discipled once a week. This isn't "what's been going on this week" stuff - it's a desire for truth like I've never seen. It started nearly a year ago and have been the highlight of our year.

Several are graduating. We've watched them all year long. Tomorrow is a beginning. A better one that many before them have had. We are proud. We are humbled to serve such an amazing God.

These three feel called to ministry. Three. We asked for one. 3! Eph. 3:20 my friends, Eph. 3:20!

The men are another group. They meet on Sunday nights at our home. They recently went through Radical the book and several are sponsoring Nepal orphans. When my running buddy Kerri needed a gazillion carpet staples pulled out of her soon to be adopted daughter's room floor they quickly got r dun!

I love boys

I I i I Ilove seeing them grow and become....

I Ilove how they have fun...

I love my man.

 Respect them, Let them lead, let them be who they are- let them fight the enemy, let them rescue the beauty, let them find adventure. Be glad for their authority. 
Be glad for what God's doing in their lives. 

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