Monday, May 2, 2011

How to pack a Baseball totebag...

We are into ball season....

I entered in ill prepared this year, I have a sunburn to prove it....

But I thought I'd impart to you my baseball totebag and it's contents

because you live and learn.... 

So here's some suggestions, feel free to comment and add more ideas, I need all the help I can get...

I like a stand alone bag, not too nice, it's dirty on the ball field

blanket (not too bulky)- OK is notorious for temp changes, mulitpurposes- bleacher warmer, we have a quilt that charis used as a baby to play on (from one of my first posts 3 years ago)

Lens wipes- ok is also notorious for wind! can't see the game with dirty glasses
Wipes, don't want to miss a play to rub off nacho cheese
Sunblock, never know when the 30 min game will turn into 3 hours and first sun of the summer always burns (which is no fun when it is 50 degrees the next day)
hand soap (I just add a small travel size bottle, but have often thought about bringing a whole large bottle, you don't know how many places I've been with no soap)
your own paper towels, for everything from drying your own hands to wiping up rain on the bleachers
hand sanitizer is good too

food wise- (man do they eat at the ballgames)
I like to add fresh fruit and nuts, but packaged stuff is good for keeping all the time in the bag
water bottles, I'm not a cooler puller- besides some places don't allow them
we stock up on concession candy after holidays for cheap
gum if you are trying to not eat a lot
I throw in like 2$ a game for popcorn, keeps me from spending too much
but keeping some quarters around is good too
the green container used to contain nuts but we use it for dry cereal now
the red container I bought for 1$ at Micheals

I keep several in the car for splitting snacks up. 

other things- 
sunglasses, a visor for when you don't have sunscreen or glasses, lol
pen and paper, for game notes or sibling entertainment
stain release stick or something like it, it's dirty at the ball park
first aid stuff
plastic bags for trash
umbrella for rain
small toys they've never seen before

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