Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Camera

I realized I've never told about this amazing gift I got last year for mother's day...I just want rain boots this year and a broom....that silly puppy destroyed mine

A dear friend asked about what I did so here's what I told her....

  • Cody (aka mr. incredible )got me a canon rebel xsi, last year- lowest slr camera you can get it came with a standard lens, 18-55mm I used it all year then for christmas I got an awesome little lens (50mm)  and a telephoto 75-300mm lens. 
  • I read some tutorials....I don't edit a whole lot mostly straight out of the camera- If I do edit it's in picasa (no access to photoshop)  

    i think the most important thing is to know your camera, know what it'l do before my point and shoot died I had gotten to getting some good pictures with it, 

    the other lens 50 mm I love is one a friend suggested, it's smaller than the original lens I got so I keep it attached all the time, it allows lots of light in (that's a high apperature) so I get good pictures and it's really close up, but it's only one setting you don't move it....

    another idea for just getting good shots is get close to the subject, I also look at a lot of online photos for ideas of what to do/creative things...just take lots of pictures, it's so easy to delete....I never use preset options,( sports, outside, night) I manually set it up and never never ever use flash, you don't have to...most of mine is trial and error

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