Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Laundry Room Remodel finished (I guess)

First of April we moved, let me rephrase, I moved our room into our old family room

Silas and I moved the beds (a kind and queen) 

I was so proud of my firstborn

Then several weeks later in desparation I moved the tv up to the top of the safe...

Many things are possible when you are determined.... :)

The direct tv guy hooked us up yesterday and we watched repo games last night....that show is hilarious!

We merely changed rooms, not decor 

Here's the recharge station Cody is thankful for...

and my re-fuel station- my favorite part of the whole move....

please ignore strange dora umbrellas on the floor

thank you

In the great debate Cody won in getting the safe moved into the room but we compromised really, I wanted a little storage area for instruments and workout equipment

Compromise is the essential in a marriage, just sayin....

The bed isn't made so we'll skip that, 

He's the dance floor, 

oh sorry I mean workout room/floor- 

with Chris Tomlin and songs like shackles and worship jams work outs sometimes turn into dance sessions...Cody understands

and the new closet/laundry room, you've seen the floor and I have my 50 mm lens on, it's hard to get far off

we opted to keep the wood natural, it better matched the cabinets

I'm a little anti white, easily stains, and the gel stain my pop in law suggested wasn't as wonderful as we thought

this is my side 

Cody's side

it's not quite finished, my camera hides that well...

one thing need - more shelving, the baskets help with socks and underware but we need more shelving plain and simple

He did well on the detail and structure, he's good at woodworking

So here's to a walk in closet!

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