Friday, July 22, 2011

Preparing for the Velma Road Race!

Think speed.

No kids.

Quiet house.



Speed blogging.

We have been talking about the velma 5k road race tomorrow all summer around my house and can hardly believe it's here. 

I think Kerri and I have inspire some people around here. People are running everywhere. 

Including these 2

In fact my whole family will join me tomorrow in the race. Silas & Cody will be running/walking the 5K, Cady and Kerri's daughter will jog/walk the 1 mile fun run. Charis rides in luxury in a jogging stroller!

So Cady and Shelby went to practice a night this week and Cady, in true daughter-of-the-totegirl fashion takes a bag with her. 

In prep I wanted to explore what a 9 year old might take on her jog/walk....

So while she's swimming this afternoon I peeked. Ok I was creeping, it's what God has called us mom's to do, ok!

I remember her asking for a towel for the sweat, she doesn't like to sweat. 

She has the 10$ OK Runner Sweat band I got her, her Ds, for waiting, and her falls creek kids love falls creek. I didn't grow up in Oklahoma so that is foreign to me but I am glad they like it. It's a pretty awesome plance. She also had an ipod with no headphones, interesting. (not pictured) 

 Ok I am ending at 14 min. 

A new blogging record! And I even included 4 pics, and a link

If I could only run 3.2 miles that fast.

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