Wednesday, July 6, 2011

summer Job - Week 6

VBS week.

I sat today in staff meeting- da 4 of us and got one sentence like/dislikes about Family Fun Days, our VBS.

The basic overview- Use VBS event name and budget to provide a parenting seminar. Clearly my focus was on parents.

We ate dinner each night together, large extended families in our church provided that each night, no one person did it. A representative from the family would do a little interview each night and I'd give a plug for eating together as a family. We encouraged our senior adults to come join us.

We had a large group time of singing (Go fish guys) , announcements and a devotion (live and learned preschoolers don't do well here and the space was too casual for much serious Bible Study ( I would've liked to have seen more Bible reading together as a family here)

From 7-8 we had the breakout sessions, several speakers from all over the state came, the teaching was wonderful. We offered everything from grief counseling to adoption, leading your child to christ to major league parenting, survival skills & leaving your mark on a young child's heart. I learn A LOT, and even  taught a class the last night on families on mission.

While I had originally planned for a 3 hour night it proved too long in the end to do organized games, so we left that time open for fellowship.

Everyone's favorite- Community. Older/ younger, grandparents, parents, kids-
Dislikes- 1. wished I'd seen more new faces, we exist for those how aren't here
2. our kids programing was minimal, chould've gone with a curriculum instead of making up our own. Saving money aside it did stretch us, and I think it was good for us, esp. Sarah to see how it is possible to do. If she finds herself in a foreign country this skill will be quite used!

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