Wednesday, July 6, 2011

summer job - Week 7

We are now on the down hill slide, with only 3 more weeks left of activity and Seattle is calling my name.

These next two weeks we are low on activity- youth falls creek is next week and all 4 staff members are going.

I will cook, I will be learning from the best. My heart longs to be in NC learning from my kin but Jana is a beloved friend, we will have a great week.  She cooks well. This is quite an opportunity.

Tonight we returned with wet and wild wednesdays-

Matthew 7, the wise men built his house upon the rock!

started off asking them to tell me in one word how their day went- emotional was mine.
then reviewed all the things Jesus had been doing (all our previous lessons) and how a lot of people were following him and he taught them things, he used stories to make it interesting and as they listened they were much like ya'll having good, happy, normal, or emotional days. then Jesus told them this story....
I read out of the Bible  and give context when talking about it. I followed with a clip.

then we made ice houses with ice cubes- wet business, be prepared!
with younger kids I should've had granite and sand to touch and compare and some building materials,
we did sing the song that goes with as well as "on Christ the solid Rock " from the Go fish Guys kicking it old school- I am lovin the Go Fish guys btw!

In need of rest,

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