Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Job week 9

I have been so impressed with Sarah. These last few weeks she's really shown a new level of comfort with teaching and leading out. She's a jewel. Whoever marries her will be blessed Eph. 3:20 style.

This week was dance camp.

Dance Camp at Velma BAPTIST church. Ha!

Psalm 149:3 was our theme- Let them praise HIS name in the dance.

Here's a few of the photos....

beginners - intro to ballet

The tall ones are all going in to Kindergarten, the shortys are all 3 and will wait another year for school.
We used typical preschool technics with them supporting our focus of God as creator of us , spiritually and physically and author of the dance. You use phrases like, "Thank you God for eyes so we can see Reagan dance" "Thank you for legs and feet to move and ears to hear the music"

The intermediate group....

This group had a devotion time each day.

day 1- Miriam in Exodus
day 2- King David and evil eyed Michal 2 samuel 6
day 3- Ecc. 3 passage - a time to mourn and a time to dance
day 4- Herodias's daughter dances for the wrong reason- we learned the word manipulate too, lol

And the advanced group- Sarah had fun with them, they were really good.

day 3 really hit home with Ecc. 3:4 a time to of the girls' dad died Wed. night. She was unable to finish the week.  Life lessons, man! tough

Super sweet girls.

I didn't realize how much fun dance camp would be. We've never really done an all week all girl thing.

The end of the week program went well and was well attended....

Sarah danced for us, brought me to tears. I rarely perform as a music teacher- that should not be. I need to use my gifts more. Inspiring.

On admin notes...

We had the girls pay for t-shirt/dvd/hair bows, a reasonable $10
There was a deadline for sign up- highly recommend that, but stick to it, I tend to say one thing yet do another, letting others join us
We had them sign waviers-
We had around 37 girls, could have more had we advertised more (facebook event pages have been used a lot this summer with high success but there are a lot of people that aren't on facebook)

I could write a book about doing t-shirts.

I found  a few weeks ago. I recommend it. They have good sales from time to time on lots of advertising stuff. I found $6 t-shirts a few weeks ago and a great logo that we went with. For me with t-shirts the logo is hard to come up with. I  like easy and quick designs.

Problem #1- vistaprint didn't do kid sizes.
We went to a local and new print shop problem #2 they would be out of town 10 days before camp
Problem #3 didn't do so good with the falls creek youth shirts
So I tried to make the design on my mac- success! thanks to Cody
Problem #4 where to find the t-shirts quickly in a small town, Coaches Corner in Duncan comes to the rescue, $5 a shirt, however Walmart did have some for 3$ but not near enough
Problem #6 iron on transfers - only 5 pages per pack, walmart only had 3 packs! and I was running out of time, so I used some dark color transfers which are different and more expensive but worked.

So I ironed and printed for hours on Tues. & Wed. And in the end they still cost $8 a piece.

Moral of the story- find a print shop with a good designer you trust & do it all early.

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