Saturday, July 23, 2011

Race #3

Well it's over and I guess yesterday's speed blogging did the trick, :)- I beat my old time!

28:40 (I think, they weren't computerized)

The anticipation of running with so many people I knew was crazy. I loved it! Neighbors, teachers, retired folks, watermelon farmers, kids, moms, firemen, doctors, and the road trip runners. I noticed some of the same people at the June race in Duncan. There are friends to be made here, I can feel it. Stories yet to be heard.

So guess who came to the run? (Well sorda, he came and saw us get ready but left before we even started) My dad. I run primarily because he did. I remember seeing him run as a kid & waiting at the track for him to finish. I regrettably don't have a picture of us.

So we all ran/jogged/walked it. Even Charis. Lucky duck got to stroll. She'll be with us soon!

Cody prayed before the race, cool huh!

We are in there somewhere

I have no picture of Cady. And I am so sad, she did the 1 m and I was so excited for her, of course I had to buy her new shoes for her to do it, lol.

26 min. later here we come....

This is Shawn and Coach Combest battling it out....

Tiffany, Kerri's oldest daughter- she and her husband passed me right before the second mile.

They are young.

This gal beat me in the Duncan race and showed up to beat me again here.

Here I come the 11th girl to come in. ( I was 10th in Duncan) I had the same # 33 that I had in Duncan. ironic huh?

Kerri, her best time this week....

So proud of my son! He's only done this 2 times, Thur. night was the first, but it's in his blood now and he'll run this fall in cross country I am sure.

His daddy tried to beat him but he'd pull away every time he'd get close.

What a man! Pushing the stroller so I could run. They were bored last race so they decided to join me.

Someone special took this photo of me. I really wanted a medal, they were cool looking. 2nd again. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Better than 3rd.

That someone even raced....

So proud of Shelby

Thanks to Temple Grundy for taking the pictures for us!!!

A great day to be a VA comet!

Here we are at home with our medals and Silas is sporting the t-shirt. We got the kids a first race medal. They will have to earn the next one though.

And my favorite runner of the day....

We are going to run away 11 days.

Do not try and stop us.

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