Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Job - week 8

This week found me, Sarah (intern), Cody and Blake all at Falls Creek for the youth. 

Why all of us? Because we are a team. 

T- together 
E- everyone 
M- more

The theme was love. Talk is cheap, love not in words but in action! 

Ed Newton brought the word from I John in night services. He's an adoption advocate, gospel teaching guy- we loved him!

and check it out he's a runner! 

Brad Clay brought the nightly devotion and they too were about holiness and confession and loving in action not just words. 

I cooked with the lovely Jana Loveall

and her husband....

All my clothes smell like bacon. 

It comes with the job.

I really enjoyed the kids. 

Guess what Shelby was doing....

Rolling with the bags and Bibles.

Sticking by my side lego style. 

Children wise Sarah did Wet and Wild with team leaders on her own....we'll have to check in on how the story of the great fish catch and slip and slide went. She was an awesome addition to our group at camp. We sat down last Sunday and went over some evaluation questions- she continues to grow learn and be so teachable, so glad we had the summer to really get to know her heart and abilities. She is quite flexible with serving in a lot of different rolls. I see her marrying and serving along side a minister in a lot of different areas. Blessed will that man be who finds and fights for her! 

Next week is dance camp and the registration has closed, we are doing t-shirts again which prove to be crazy. word out - find a good t-shirt person early in ministry, it will make life easier. But I do think the dance camp will be good. We have 3 classes and over 30 signed up. Different but a good program. We'll disclose all the details next week.

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