Tuesday, June 1, 2010

90 days of Summer

Remember the 90days of Summer last year?? click here if you didn't see it

No one asked if I was going to do it again until today.

Here's what I told her....

last year my kids were bored by noon the first day out of school, so I decided to do something...anything...I counted how many days till we went back to school :) it happened to be 90 , so I started an album on fb called the 90 days of summer with no clear motive or direction, one simple rule - take one picture a day of something we did /or saw. we did a few new/different things but mostly I just decided to take a picture of everyday life around here. The response was crazy - ppl were hooked, commenting like crazy, asking if I got off a day....it was a lot of fun though. The things I found picture worthy- recipes, local hang outs we checked out, church stuff, extended family stuff, trips, camps. Funny I took so many pictures (then I had a itty bitty point and shoot camera) it was hard to pick only one picture some days. I added a little wording to explain the picture - basic journalism. It took little time really and was very worth it. I like simple - I have three bored kids that need entertaining.

I believe as long as you do something to record memories you are doing good. I am not a perfectionist so that helps. You could do weekend week-in-review so you do it once a week if you work. Or just take advantage of those together times.

We'll when I checked the calendar this year we only had 76 days and well it seemed not only short but an unexciting number.

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Sally Page said...

Hi Lori,I am married to your cousin, Dan Page, in NC. I got your blog info from your Mom. Dan's Mom just passed away, and we've been in some contact with your parents. Anyway, I'm enjoying perusing your blogs! And I noticed that you like Thirty One products! Small world, I am a Thirty One Consultant! I like your blog name, Totegirl, and actually wondered if you knew about Thirty One. Take care and I'll look for you on FB!
Sally Page