Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mr. Irresistable

Well while we were at the Magic Kingdom we ran into this guy....

And of course I took a picture. My kids love the Incredibles. It is one of the lesser know Disney shows and we did see it in the beginning but it has become one of our favorites. To the point that my kids call themselves Violet and Flash and Charis is of course Jack Jack but that gets a little weird seeing that he's a boy...

It being father's day and all I wanted to honor my Mr. Incredible...I recently wrote about his creativeness, ingenuity and hard work (click here) and have written 2/3rds of our love story (click on the story of us).

Using pictures from our recent trip I thought I'd write about watching the man I fell in love with become a father.

I was born a nurturer. I preferred dolls to barbies, BabySitters Club to Sweet Valley High and babysat at an early age. Had quite a business too.

For someone who loves kids and has always dreamed of raising her own seeing a man with kids is highly attractive. Not sure if I could get by saying sexy on here. Oh gosh I just did :)

Especially when they are with little ones.

He calls us all beautiful at least once a day. I find that ironic since I look in the mirror everyday and am seeing my youth fading before my eyes. He calls me beautiful more now that I am older. He gets me, he knows I need it. He knows these girls need it. He knows these girls have a battle, different than Silas'. Will they believe the world and it's lies or will they trust that they are God's masterpiece, created in him for good works? He uses his words to build their hearts.

He spends his money so they feel special. Me first, them second. They know he loves me first. He bought Cady a cute and expensive hair band last week. I still remember the 50$ pants at the Limited my dad made a special trip to the mall to get for me when I was in Middle school.

He doesn't force them to compete, but builds their confidence and encourages them to soar.

I now know that he leaves early so that he can still be on time after helping anyone he sees in need. He turned around to help one of my sister's neighbors one day.
He jumps in and does what needs to be done, rather it be pool cleaning or diaper changing or hair brushing (I have a cute picture of him and Charis from a couple of weeks ago I'll try and add)

And they follow him. You can't help but follow him. I remember on a ski trip one time he started singing "Happy Birthday" . Everyone joined in and when it came time say the persons name, no one even knew who's birthday it was, it wasn't anyone's birthday- point made- people follow a leader. God made Cody a leader and then made sure he lead them the right way.

A couple of years ago I bought him a compass, last year a GPS- we follow because he leads.

And occasionally he lets me lead.

And we end up sweating to death in Florida.

He is training Silas to read maps...I love that he feels the duty to train Silas to love the Lord and work hard. I love that he pushes the stroller.

And where ever the path's might take us, he goes first because no matter what's ahead he can take it on. He has brawn and brains.

And he makes the best of many situations.

Even when he desperately wanted to go home, he stayed another day and let me see a childhood friend I hadn't seen in years.

The man deserves a lot for all I drag him into.

What's wrong babe?

" I wanta go cut some more wood"

He endured and even with a sense of humor...

and an occasional smile that made Mr. Incredible , Mr. Irresistible.

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