Sunday, June 27, 2010

My sister & her notebooks

Aunt Debbie has created a blog. You can find

Which, along with Cody's sermon today, inspired this idea.

I sit on a pew every Sunday. I didn't as a kid. My church isn't trendy and flashy. We don't meet in a remodeled strip mall or have fountains down the isles or outside huge windows behind the preacher. We got a projection system within the last 2 years. There are still hymnbooks behind the pews. We still take up an offering and praise God we still have potluck dinners.

Jesus,  I have discovered,  isn't really impressed with the building or the service. He peers into our hearts. And I just try to make mine available each Sunday to whatever he has to say.

Several years ago I married the preacher. I vowed to go where God led him. While I may be hours away from my beloved ocean and miles from a large grocery store this small town is home.

Back to the pew on which we sit....

It is a great privilege to sit beside my children each Sunday. I grew up going to children's church but I have seen the great value in worshiping along with my kids. They do not always see that as a privilege. So I pray.

God alone changes people's hearts. HE ALONE.

So here's an idea for creating learning during that lecture time. I think it could go for any age.

I bought a completely blank notebook the other night at a crafts store. I had no idea what I was gonna do with them but they were half off and surely I would eventually need them....

Cody happens to be preaching through the book of Exodus. And we may be there awhile. I thought we were done at passover but seems like some of the best stuff is after they left Egypt.

So my idea is that using Cady's drawing love (I'll encourage pictures of what's being said although a moshi monster may make he's way in) and my notes and I'm sure Silas will contribute...we'll all add to the notebook each week. The 3 points, the video's we watch, the people who need prayer, those who choose for the first time to follow Jesus, those baptised, the weather that day, special guests, activities...gum...what we were wearing....

The Exodus Book

I love my mother in law and one thing I will never forget about her is her notebook she always kept sermon notes in. It has been a awesome thing watching her love for God grow the last 15 years I've been in the family.

So in quoting my sis and dad, "You'll forget 80 % of what you hear so write it down"

And until Cody starts puting the sermons to music...I better start writing....

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