Monday, June 28, 2010

The bathroom remodel take 1

This is the middle bathroom. Used be guests and by kids. About 4 months after we finished the kitchen remodel, a tile fell off one day when I was showering.

See it there? We waited until we were going to be gone a week to redo it. Also it's better to redo a bathroom in summer- since it's our only bath tub and we have a preschooler/non shower taker- we can bath her outside.

To be quite honest I didn't really care what we did. This project is nothing compared to redoing a kitchen. For several reasons....

1. it's smaller in area- less stuff to buy, less to take out, less people to pay because only so many ppl can fit in 30 sq ft.
2. There are other bathrooms in the house we can use.
3. It takes less time.

So here's another shot of the cabinet area..

And here's what we picked out last Friday night at Builder Bob's in Ardmore and Lowes.
You really can't tell anything...but it's here , ready to go when Ronnie Wright comes in next week.

This will be the travertine on the bath and the border and I'm leaning toward that lightest shade on the walls. The cabinet is dark wood, like our kitchen and the top is copper! We kinda went out on a limb there. Not sure if it's gonna be kid friendly.

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