Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The orange Craze

It started a year ago on memorial day.

And now I am debating rather to pull for the Texas Longhorns (I was born a Texan)
or the Oklahoma State Cowboys all because of a color.


I am fascinated by it.

After remodeling the kitchen I wanted new plates. I settled for some coral but a lot of red. Then I saw it. Shopping in Ft. Worth with my sis in law. I saw the coolest orange rug for $20 for the kitchen. And I thought, "You can't do orange with red" .


I didn't get it and I have wanted it ever since. I still dream about it at night.

And if I learned anything during the remodel it was that you don't match stuff. Mismatch is in? So my kitchen is full of orange and red now.

Just wait you'll see...

My son has followed suit.

His box car racer this year was orange.



Mission Trip-

yea, I did....

I have come to realize if given a choice I choose orange every time.

Like so...

Didn't know what I was going to do with this ribbon and orange flowers but it made a plain white frame prettier.

My friend who had surgery knit me this orange scrubber while she recovered.

And I picked up that brush at my fav. kitchen store.

Yea, you know the one distinctive-decor.com

It has even altered eating choices...

And if I had to pick a shade of orange that was my favorite it would be sweet potato.

Which happens to be Longhorn colors!

Imagine me given the hook em horns sign....

I even found the most interesting blog.

Someone had a bunch of blogs all organized by color. It showcased fun stuff online in that color. I am trying to locate it and will try to put up a link asap.

And when it came time to order t-shirts for camp.

You guessed it, I ordered orange.

Last week I spent 3 nights 4 days at kids camp.

I am now undeniably not 22 anymore.

In fact my own kid is on the end there. I am mom, not cool big sis. (Yes, he wore black gym shorts on stage. I was uninformed and just excited he wanted to do it.)

I scared myself each morning in the mirror.

I planted a lot of seeds of faith and I am praying God will provide the growth.

That's all we can do.

I pray they know God and follow him with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.

Amen and go orange.


Leslie said...

Scary!!!! What would your dad say??? What would your sister in law say??? GO RED!!!!! SOONERS... DON'T GO THE OTHER WAY!!!! lol.

Shawna said...

Ha Ha! I can see you starting a whole debate just because of a color. We are partial to orange in our family as well--unless you're talking about any Boston or Kansas City team. Ha. I love your blogs! Thanks for sharing them!

katie said...

Cute blog!! I know another thing that is orange...the Arbonne Anti-Aging facial set (:

I would love to take my siblings to Disney! I saw a friends photos of their kids there and I teared up seeing how happy and in awe the kids were (: It's such a cool place for kids...even if us grown ups have to suffer though the ugly heat. I'm totally there with ya! :D

totegirl said...

katie, will be checking that out, I totally am "seeing" my age more and more every day