Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Magic Kingdom, where my dream didn't come true


I changed the site a little.

And it's orange.

Until the next craze hits.

I am in Florida and wasn't sure I'd write at all while gone.

I am here by myself with all kids , some sleeping, others watching a movie. So I am getting to write.

This is our second trip to Orlando with kids. Five years ago my sister got married. I was the only one who wanted to go to Disney. I didn't push it. We didn't go.

This time around Charis was still free and the other 2 are old enough to faintly remember so upon coming to Orlando for a convention I ordered some tickets.

I went one day as a preteen to this place and it's remarkably familiar to me.

I didn't remember the heat however.

As we entered the parking lot there read a sign,

"Walt Disney World: Where dreams come true"

I was excited. You always want to give your children good things, right? And I thought this is a childhood rite of passage- A visit to Disney.

We were all excited, till we stepped out of the car.

Ok we were still excited on the ferry boat.

And I will admit it fully- I teared up when I walked through the gate. Then I thought, "geez, I hate being emotional. "

Then we took a picture and started walking.

We walked into some of the main street shops with ac and marveled.

Then the Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! parade came by. Still loving it.


The only castle that matters in America really. Are there other castles in the states?

Upon hitting tomorrowland and getting the fast pass for space mountain, it set in.
The hotness. Florida in June is hot. Always has been. Always will be. Go another month, unless you like disney pictures with shiny/sweaty/I'm worn out kids faces in them.

This was taken in Robinson Crusoe's tree house- we were gathering ideas. In case our boat ever gets lost at sea.

We tried to get into rides and shows with ac. But there was no escaping that heat. For the record the President show in Liberty square had the coldest ac.

We went through 10 bottles of pre frozen water. Highly suggest you do this.

Then I knew what I was dreaming. I wanted a rain shower or October to come.

My oldest, the artist, wished to be at the north pole.

And sadly as I waited and hoped for Disney to somehow grant our wishes, the sweat continued to flow. And we just couldn't make it till the electrical parade and fireworks. As we sat on the monorail going back to the car. Someone said, "What's that smell?"

Well it was the boys. The apparently had stinky sweat.

One last stop before heading back to our sleeping place, my sisters, more later.

As only Disney could do- the Lego Store. I'll be posting more on our lego site. But this made them happy. But it was extremely crowded inside and Charis was sick of that stroller, I chased them all around in there for awhile while Cody parked.

Disney, Worth it?

Yes, in the end yes. It only reaffirmed something I knew to be true but had forgotten.

Isaiah 55:1-2

Disney doesn't make a good god, they are big and can do what money will buy- but only the Creator of the Universe can bring cooler temps and the rain and the seasons. He's the only one that has satisfied this thirsty soul.

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Angela said...

Love this! I can't wait to see what you blog about Hollywood Studios! SO glad we got to see each other!