Saturday, June 26, 2010

Missional #1 - the friend version

On the big grand tour of the south east last week we stopped in Dothan, Alabama and visited yet another set of friends. These were family friends from when Cody and I were first married. They had this adorable little 3 year old who flipped, jumped and smiled her way into our hearts. We moved, they moved, that cute girl grew up.....thanks to facebook we keep in contact. Since we were so close we just had to visit. 

Bailee let us stay in her room. And it was so cool. 

Here are few pictures.

All original artwork. Color and Quotes. I loved it.

To say it has inspired is understatement. Cady and I spent some time in Hobby Lobby last night.

Well,  that smiling girl and this group of people....

Are traveling today to Guatemala. 

To peer into the hugeness of God and his love for all people not just America. 

And I love this picture of her and her backpack and dad with the bags! 

So pray for the Mephis Baptist Church and Bailee and Guatemala this week when God through his spirit reminds you, thanks. 

This summer I am privileged to be apart of many mission trips. I am taking my family on one next week. More later. I sent an encouragement package with Bailee on her trip. I wanted to give financially when we were there but her trip was well taken care of. God's provision for God's plan.

Another friend is in Equador right now taking pictures.

Michelle went with me to Nepal. You can find her here. She's a fantastic photographer.

Michelle is a minister's wife at Marlow Baptist. 

And their church has around 100 people going to the same place this summer. Working with the same pastor and people. It's straterory at it's best.

My friend Kenita from college went on a trip 2 weeks ago. This week we spent the afternoon catching up and she brought pictures. I served lunch...we had a great time.

And she didn't even pass out at the amount of filth on my floor!
I hadn't cleaned since the kids got out of school!

Equador is on the Equator. Now look at what she's wearing...

It was cool, it's in the mountains. So much of it reminded me of Nepal.

Kenita led the group of 16, mostly teens. They did music and drama.

I may have mentioned Caedmon's Call CD Share the Well. It highly inspired my love for India. 

On the same Cd they have several songs from Equador as well. 

One called the roses...

Found a video from the trip on you tube.

Anyway beautiful long stem roses are their thing...

And my gosh look at this baby. Sweetness.

I have more missional friends coming up in a few weeks, stay tuned....

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