Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Disney Hollywood Studios and Ways to Save at Disney :)

Ok are you sick of Florida pictures yet? I have already had 2 more activity/photo ops and am desperately wanting to finish the Florida posts to write about those.

Intermingled here are pictures of our day at Disney Hollywood Studios and a few wonderful tips if you find yourself braving the Florida heat at Disneyworld.

I will say this we overall liked this park much better. There were more shows and even though they were announcing on the pa system, drink water, go inside, it's scary hot out here....it wasn't near as bad as Magic Kingdom. Just my take.

During the waits for the shows to start we enjoyed sitting down a little. I brought snacks. Not coolers full of stuff, it's crowded and I have 3 kids I can barely keep up with, I don't need more stuff. It annoys other ppl there, believe me and they don't let you take that stuff in the shows. Keep it light.

Another good thing....I froze water bottles, there have been rumors about this being bad for you but listen it was very nice, I could've sold them and paid for our admission, and I don't think doing it once is going to effect my health forever. Ok we did it twice but I don't make a practice of it and my sister said it's urban legend.

What's up with urban legend btw? Is this the new hip word for old wives tale? And who were these old wives?

So after we chow down and cool off with half frozen water bottles we take pictures....

I love watching their little faces.

We had a few grumblers the first day at Disney so I set up a reward system- they each got $ 20 if they name called, acted like they didn't want to be there (oh yeah we had that) or in general brought the happiness level down they lost a dollar. If they were helpful or went out of their way to make a situation better they gained a dollar.

So we shopped a little more. My kids are normal kids and they want all there is to want. Like the balloons below. Cute, I admit. I'd love to have one. But we had a water park to go to later on and I didn't want one more thing to lug around. Us Americans and our stuff- it's a crazy love affair.

All the Europeans -nothing- just walking around. For some reason we are the only ones who are obsessed with stuff.

So we take pictures. Every time I  or Cady saw something we really wanted we took a picture. At the end of the day they could spend the money they'd earned on what ever thing they wanted the most. This worked well. We do this with the cell phone camera a lot too, esp around Christmas and Birthdays or when ever they want something, which is every time we go to the store.

Just fyi, I am big on multi use toys , things that require imagination - legos and dress up stuff/ props. And anything art or music or books.

This is the big thing at DHS, Mickey's hat. When ever we needed to meet up or know how to get somewhere you just look up. It's really big. The "rides" at DHS were based around movies or it was a show itself. We started off at Star Wars.

And I found these and  fell in love. Please someone get me one for Christmas. C3P0 was the cutest....

And just look at his lips!

If I did not loathe stuffed animals I would've spent money on these, they were so unique. Charis liked playing with them.

Well the guys went to see a car stunt show and we did the princess stuff....

Ariel was interesting. A real girl sang, they had clips from the movie and this thing...

It was massive, wiggling and gosh I identified with her. I think I gained 5 pounds.

Since this is my account, I am putting on Ms. Tea Pot too, I love that motherly character. Belle was my favorite show by far. In true Broadway style it brought back a lot of memories. I had played Belle in High School and did a mini musical with it during summer musical theater camp with students years ago. The costumes where enchanting and the sets were very creative.

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