Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The House without Cody

My husband is gone for the week. I have many friends who find themselves in this situation a lot. For some their men are home at strange times or on the weekends, for some their men are deployed, and some are parenting alone long term. I not only love each of these friends but think they are the best . Making the best of hard times and situations.

Few set out to choose that path, it's just the way it is.  Most struggle financially, with loneliness, with decision making, with faith...

I am so inspired by the homes they've created. Some have opened heart and home to foster parenting, some drop everything when the working spouse returns- some are waiting for miracles. Changed lives. Only Jesus can change a person's heart. Try as we may, our best bet is to pray like crazy.

For us when dad's gone it looks like this. Everywhere.

These pictures are old, I am being lazy and not selective on my tasks this week. Cleaning and picture taking aren't on the list.

So the sink looks like this.

But we do a lot of this ...

Charis found the dress up stuff and demands I play music all day so she can twirl. 

Yes. Maam, Queenie Charis
We also watch our kind of movies. Dad kinda dominates the tv viewing.

And we eat this for dinner. Yes, we do. And cereal. Although today we had salads.
Bacon, lettuce and spinach and ranch and tomato (from my garden!) I'll post pictures of those soon.

But I have a hard time sleeping. So I often let the kids sleep with me :)

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