Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good Questions deserve visual answers

Last year I decided to say hello to a girl with 2 cute boys at the hotel pool we were staying at in KY. She was a blogger too and she is one of my three followers. Woohoo! I love you Angela, you keep me going.

Those of you who check in on a regular basis you can join too, you just need a google account. But thanks for sticking with me and tell your friends...I may start sending prizes out.

Angela asked about what I kept my balsamic vinaigrette in (look under recipes for the recipe) . I had used a mixer from Hidden Valley Ranch for awhile but it leaked a lot. Last year I picked this up and love it, highly recommend it. It's from Pampered Chef. It has 4 recipes right on the bottle and my only complaint is it's in metric system instead of our crazy US system. But it works well.

I love pampered chef. I want to a best kitchen tools post sometime. I am absolutely in love with my knives- being thrifty I look for value and often shy away from high priced things. But slowly through the "quality experts" what a difference good quality things can make. I use those knives every single day.

Have a party with pampered chef and get these half price. Or free if you sell enough. I could so sell pampered chef. You can by online too. And they are often on ebay but don't tell the consultants.

I must stop now.


Angela said...

Awww...sweet! Okay...that looks like a neat gadget. Another thing I was thinking would work would be a ketchup bottle like you would take on a picnic or at schools. You know...has the little opening on the top. I was thinking once everything was in there I could just put my clean finger over the top and shake it up? I think I am using this dressing for a salad lunch on Sunday so I need to find something quick. Think that will work? Am I even making sense? HA!

totegirl said...

anything you have with a little opening would work, can't wait to see what you come up with. I have also seen ppl use canning jars to store and serve homemade dressings out of, what about a small pourable bowl that has a lid? if you are transporting just make sure it won't leak